Vol 58, No 2 (2016)

Table of Contents

From the Editor DOWNLOAD PDF
John Pruitt 1-2
Formative Assessment and Growth Mindset DOWNLOAD PDF
Marci Glaus 3-6


Why Inquiry Matters: An Argument and Model for Inquiry-Based Writing Courses Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF
Beth Godbee, Katie Ellington, Megan Knowles 7-21
Five Ways to Ensure a Positive Co-Teaching Experience for Co-Teachers and Students Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF
Barbara Sue Meier, Janine S. Fisk 22-33
Publishing Sijo in an American Creative Writing Class Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF
Elizabeth Joelle Jorgensen 34-39
Building Confidence in the Reluctant Writer through Deliberate Discourse, Formative Value and Editing Workshops Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF
Catherine A Triplett 40-51
“But I Don’t Like to Write:” Factors Impacting Adolescent Engagement in Writing and the Classroom Implications Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF
Angela K Lenz 52-60
Reading for Engagement: Literacy Education for Human Connection Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF
Emily Ward Schindler 61-67
Creating an Engaging Reading Environment for Middle School Students Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF
Amanda Sue DeVries 68-75

Special Section: Supporting Twice Exceptional African American Students

Introduction DOWNLOAD PDF
Shawn Robinson 76-80
Karl Is Ready! Why Aren’t You? Promoting Social and Cultural Skills in Early Childhood Education Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF
Brian L Wright, Donna Y Ford, Nicole M Walters 81-101
#Black Intellect Matters: Inequitable Practices Yield Inequitable Results DOWNLOAD PDF
Donna Y Ford, April J Lisbon, Natasha N Little-Harrison 102-120
Too Bad to be Gifted: Gifts Denied for Black Males with Emotional and Behavioral Needs Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF
Charissa M Owens, Donna Y Ford, April J Lisbon, SaDohl Goldsmith Jones, Michael T Owens 121-139
Schooling at the Liminal: Black Girls and Special Education DOWNLOAD PDF
Venus E Evans-Winters 140-153
Relationships and Resources in Education and the Impact on Transition Planning Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF
Jeannette A Blackwood 154-165
How Coaching Special Olympics Changed the Trajectory of My Life Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF
Shawn Robinson 166-175
Speaking from the Margins: Recounting the Experiences of a Special Educator and his Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF
Saran Stewart, David Kennedy 176-188
Family Engagement and Advocacy for Culturally Diverse 2E Students Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF
Ericka L Woods, Joy Lawson Davis 189-192

Book Reviews

Review: Gathering Fireflies DOWNLOAD PDF
Jim R. Carlson, Garrett Carlson, Krystle Thomas, Zoe Simon 193-196