Vol 1, No 1 (1998)

Table of Contents

Editorial Introduction

Editorial Introduction HTML
Gordon Wells

Full Articles

Finding the Hidden Driveways: Observing Students at Work HTML
Simon Hole
Understanding Prolepsis through Teacher Research HTML
Phillip White
Co-researching with Students: Exploring the Value of Class Discussions HTML
Karen Hume
Giving Children Control: Fourth Graders Initiate and Sustain Discussions After Teacher Read-alouds HTML
Zoe Donoahue

Book Reviews

Creswell, John. (1997). Qualitative inquiry and research design: Choosing among five traditions. HTML
Catherine Compton Lilly
Davidson, A.L. (1996). Making and molding identity in schools: Student narratives on race, gender, and academic engagement. HTML
Katherine Goff
Gallas, Karen. (1998). "Sometimes I Can Be Anything": Power, gender and identity in a primary classroom. HTML
Zoe Donoahue


Electronic Journals and Magazines on the Internet HTML
Denise Johnson


Building Communities of Inquirers in Schools HTML
Myriam Shechter