Networks offers a place for sharing reports of action research, in which teachers at all levels, kindergarten to postgraduate, are reflecting on classroom practice through research ventures. It also provides space for discussion of other ways in which educational practitioners, alone or in collaboration, use inquiry as a tool to learn more about their work with the hope of eventually improving its effectiveness.

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Welcome to Networks 18(1)

Bringing together action and reflection, theory and practice in educational environments.

Great appreciation to Gretchen Mcclain for her copy editing work and, as always, Cathy Compton-Lilly for her gracious advice and wisdom.
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Vol 18, No 1 (2016)

Table of Contents

Editorial Introduction

Editorial Introduction DOWNLOAD PDF
Suzanne Porath

Full Articles

Poetics of Justice: Using Art as Action and Analysis in Participatory Action Research DOWNLOAD PDF
Jennifer Ayala, Mayida Zaal
Researching and Reshaping Literacy Learning: Three Urban K-6 Teachers’ Ongoing Transformations through Everyday Action Research DOWNLOAD PDF
Kristin Nicole Rainville, Grace Enriquez
Developing as Teachers and as Researchers: Emerging Professionals’ Experiences with Cooperative Inquiry DOWNLOAD PDF
Laura Bower-Phipps, Maria Cristina Cruz, Cristina Albaladejo, Arlette Mello Johnson, Thomas D. Homa
The Effect of Flexible Small Groups on Math Achievement in First Grade DOWNLOAD PDF
David Benders, Tracy Craft
Teaching about Neoliberalism and Education De/reforms in Teacher Education Courses DOWNLOAD PDF
Kristan A Morrison
Sponsorshaping: How a Teacher Used Sponsors of Literacy for Pedagogical Purposes DOWNLOAD PDF
Ryan Dippre

Book Reviews

Book Review - Engaging in Action Research: A Practical Guide to Teacher-Conducted Research for Educators & School Leaders DOWNLOAD PDF
Mark Dziedzic